• A popular way to greet friends and family with holiday cheer.

• A way to say "thanks for your hospitality" or thanks for a favor.

• A way to say "I'm thinking about you!"

Gift #3: Gift Tin: 12-oz. Pecan Sampler in a Gift Tin

3-ozs. each: Chocolate Covered, Roasted & Salted, White Chocolate and Crunchy Praline Pecans

$22.95 (Shipping Included)

Gift #4: Gift Tin: 2 Lb. Pecan Sampler in Gift Tin

8 oz. Chocolate Covered, 8 oz. Roasted & Salted,
8 oz. White Chocolate, 8 oz. Crunchy Praline

$32.95 (Shipping Included)

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